Welcome to Vancouver Public Schools!

We are pleased to announce that we have incorporated the Skyward Family Access into our online payment site.  This new access allows parents the ability to pay fines or fees for all family members at one time.  If you do not have Skyward Family Access, you are limited to paying fines or fees for one student at a time.

This website allows parents and/or students to view and/or pay for any open fines and fees using their VISA, MasterCard, Discover or VISA Debit cards.  Online payments are secured and credit card information is not retained. 

Skyward Family Access -

To sign in:

   Username: Skyward Family Access Username
   Password: Skyward Family Access Password

Forgot your Login/Password? You may reset your Skyward Family Access password using this link.  Passwords are updated nightly from Skyward's Family Access, so please allow until the following morning for newly changed passwords to be in effect on this site.

Do not have Skyward Family Access -

To sign in:

   Username: Student's ID number.  Enter your Student ID number preceded by a zero.  You must enter up to nine (9) digits. 
   Password: Student's Last Name (all CAPS)

Upon successfully logging in, click on the student name. If the student has outstanding fines or fees, a message will appear under the student detail.  Click on Pay.  Once you are directed to the applicable page, you can view the details or pay the fine.  To pay the fine, click the box next to the fine, under "Select". 


To Make a Purchase:

Click on Items At Student's School.  Open the applicable category/season.  Select the item(s).  Click on Cart to complete the purchase.