Welcome to Vancouver Public Schools!

For Parents:

This website allows parents and/or students to view and/or pay for any open fines and fees using their VISA, MasterCard, Discover or VISA Debit cards.  Online payments are secured and credit card information is not retained. 
To access your student account, enter the student’s five (5) or six (6) digit student ID number, preceded by the applicable zeros to achieve seven (7) digits, in the User Name field.  Enter the student’s last name in the Password field (Note, you must use all capital letters).
Upon successfully logging in, click on the student name. If the student has outstanding fines or fees, a message will appear under the student detail.  Click on Pay.  Once you are directed to the applicable page, you can view the details or pay the fine.  To pay the fine, click the box next to the fine, under "Select".  Click on Pay Selected Fines/Fees and complete the required information.


For Guests:

Please click here to create a guest account.  When you log in as a “guest user”, you are not linked to a student's information. This link is used for non-student related payments (i.e. donations).  As a “guest user” you are unable to log in at a later date to view your purchase history or reprint receipts.